How to Help

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Volunteer at the Shelter

Caring for 100 animals takes a lot. The animals need care and attention, the building, animal pens and grounds need to be maintained, and animals need to be transported to and from veterinarian appointments and special events.

Volunteers with skills in construction and building maintenance can assist with the upkeep of the facilities and grounds, as well as building new projects and improving the existing animal housing.

For those of you who prefer to work with the animals there are plenty of opportunities for you, too. Dogs and puppies love to go for walks, and the cats can always use some playful attention. The more human contact these animals have the greater their chances of being adopted.

Volunteer at Special Events

APL sponsors a number of annual and special events to raise funds for the shelter. It takes a lot to make these events succussful, and APL could use your help. Listed below is information about some of the upcoming events.

  1. Annual Garage Sale: Volunteers are needed to help collect and sort items, set up tables, and other tasks. Please check the News & Events pagefor details about this year’s sale.
  2. Annual Auction: Volunteers are needed to help set up, assist with the silent and live auctions, and other tasks. Please check the News & Events page for details about this year’s auction.
  3. APL Fundraisers:. Could be a pig-pickin’, a carwash, a bake sale, or even a fish fry. No matter what the event, volunteers will be needed. Check the News & Events page for details details about upcoming FUNdraisers.
  4. Adopt-a-Pet Saturdays: The APL’s weekly adoption event at PetSmart in Lexington on Highway 378, Lexington Pavillion, Target complex, offers many opportunities for volunteers. Prior to each event, help is needed bathing and grooming pets. On the morning of the event help is needed transporting the animals to PetSmart, setting up and assiting those interested in adopting a pet. Younger volunteers can assist during the event (11:00 to 2:00) by walking and socializing dogs. Contact Debbie at 803-603-5443 for more information about this exciting volunteer opportunity.

If you would like to support APL’s mission with a financial contribution, please click the Donation button

Foster Pet Program

The foster pet program serves a number of purposes. Not only does it free up space at the shelter, but it also is important in getting certain animals with special needs ready for adoption. These special needs animals include those that need socialization or behavior modification, as well as elderly animals or those with particular health issues. These special animals need to be placed in homes where they can receive the care and attention they need. APL will provide food and cover all veterinary expenses for the life of these animals. If you would like to provide a foster home for one of these animals and help get them ready for permanent adoption, please call the shelter at (803) 783-2119
for more information.